GIS Specialisten is a team with expertise in the field of GIS, GEO-ICT and Remote Sensing. Knowledge and skills are applied to the development of Geospatial Solutions. Our main goal is to translate geographical information for the client in action focused insights and easy to use end products. The output of GIS Specialisten is used efficienty in, for example sustainability and policy choices.
Geographical Information Systems

GIS takes an increasingly prominent role in the processes of organisations. This is not surprising, because only with GIS can spatial relationships and patterns be clearly mapped out. Large amounts of data from various sources are processed, analysed, interpreted and visualised in a GIS. The result is usually a clear representation of a situation, problem or trend and in a universal language with an understandable message for the target group.


However, GIS is also complex. Both the implementation, management and use of GIS requires specialist knowledge and expertise. In addition, the field is constantly developing, ensuring that yesterday’s knowledge is not enough to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This makes it difficult for organisations to have and maintain all knowledge in-house. GIS Specialisten can fill this burdening role for organisations. In the form of consultancy, secondment and professional support, we therefore gladly make a valuable contribution to (government) organisations and companies.

Working method GIS Specialisten

In the approach of GIS Specialisten, the match between specialist and client is central. We are only satisfied if the right person reaches the right place within an organisation. That is why GIS Specialisten combines an informal, personal approach with a professional attitude. Thanks to this approach and years of experience, GIS Specialisten is a reliable partner with an established position in the geographic sector.


The focus of GIS Specialisten is proces-, customer oriented and technically innovative. Our core activities are divided in the specialism below.
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The amount of data generated, captured and made available today is growing hand over hand, resulting in insights that power the creation of countless new business opportunities. The drawback is that processing, storing, correct interpretation and dissemination of this data is increasingly becoming a challenge.

At GIS Specialisten, we can support you in the correct visualization of your spatial data through analogue or interactive web maps. We will perform the necessary spatial analysis and extract the geoinformation that can support your decision making, programs, monitoring and evaluation.

The first step is often to do an ETL (Extract, Translate and Load). This helps us prepare, process, and present GIS data in the best form. The structured approach of the ETL makes it easier to identify meaningful insights, visualize them in a suitable manner and convey them to potential users. To choose the applications and software necessary during the ETL, we use an objective approach. Our portfolio includes ESRI, Safe (FME), Hexagon and open-source applications such as QGIS and PostgreSQL. We always select the applications that are the most relevant and fitting for your project and your organization.
In every GIS project, sharing data and presenting results is critical in conveying the information to the target audience. GIS Specialisten supports you in this essential step by designing and implementing custom dashboards, web GIS applications or software plugins. Together, we clarify your requirements and end goal and make an educated choice of development and configuration tools. This way, we can ensure that our solution fits your existing workflows.

Are you looking for an application in which certain acquisition, processing and dissemination steps can be automated? Our developers will discuss your requirements with you and will create a custom application that does just what you need.
A proper IT infrastructure is of key importance for any automation project. To set your infrastructure up right, you need to make decisions about a range of elements. How will you connect and secure the servers? What kind of storage, database and applications do you need? Do you want to host your environment on bare metal or use cloud virtualization technology such as containers?

GIS Specialisten offers you a clear overview of all you need for your GEO-ICT infrastructure. We look at security, performance and scalability for geospatial solutions. Once we identify your requirements, we will plan and draw out the steps together and implement the best solutions that are available today.

If you do not have an on-premise IT availability? Maybe our cloud-solution could be of a service? Supported by
GIS Specialisten helps develop IT solutions for Remote Sensing and IoT. Because of our specific knowledge in this area, we can support and advise in creating a solid back-end.

Organizing and storing spatial data has a major impact on how a good analysis can be carried out. Processing and structuring, for example, IoT data (streaming or live data) or large amounts of Remote Sensing data require in-depth knowledge within different disciplines. Through our experience and cooperation in various projects in this field, we take care of solving technical IT challenges.

For the delivery of IoT sensors, specific spatial data or Remote Sensing analyses, we hire one of our permanent partners.
Our mission is to offer innovative geospatial solutions to support our customers’ operations and workflows: during planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and beyond. To be able to do that at the high level we want to, we heavily invest in knowledge exchange. Our team consists of highly skilled individuals who are specialized in different domains. In addition, we have close working ties with experienced partners and organizations in the geospatial industry, a network of talents that make our co-creation proficiency even stronger.

Once we understand your needs, we will make sure you receive the optimal support from us. Depending on the problem at hand, we can provide secondment, consultancy, project management support, recruitment or training.
At GIS Specialisten, we never stop learning. Science and technology are evolving around us at breakneck pace, so we invest in staying up to date with the latest developments. Moreover, we believe that a successful team requires continuous growth – and this can only be achieved by following a life-long learning approach.

For that reason, the research and innovation we do is not limited to a single department or a limited number of people. Innovation is how we grow, so it is a part of our work culture. We are curious and motivated people, driven to discover creative ways to develop time- and cost-effective geospatial solutions.


Organizations often have large amounts of geographic data. However, the processing, structuring and management of this data requires a lot of knowledge and is labour intensive. As well as monitoring and maintaining Geographic Information Systems. There is often insufficient know-how from the IT department and a lot of ignorance about the purpose of GIS. offers an extremely suitable opportunity for this. We bring you a Geo-as-a-Service (GaaS) solution. Your entire GIS with us under management. Both the front- and back-end are monitored, data and applications kept up-to-date and we make sure that this environment is available 24/7.

We can work with you to find out what suits your organisation best. Taking into account storage, performance, future-proofing, security, flexibility and scalability, we are happy to help you create an appropriate GIS environment.




Tailor-made (in-company) course

Every course is uniquely designed based on your organizations requirement and adapted to the existing knowledge of the team and subject of your choice. The content and duration of the course are decided after an intake interview with you. Hands-on practices are designed with your own data and are implemented in the software environment to your preference. In this way, we do everything we can to ensure that the in-company course meets your objectives as closely as possible.

A possible content structure and outline of a course could vary from a one day standard training to a series of workshops to get your team up and running. For example, you may need:

  • Help with optimizing the work process within your team, so that various ad hoc GIS-related activities can be done more efficiently;
  • Hands-on introduction to the different components of a GIS system (e.g. introduction to QGIS, ArcGIS Pro, GeoServer, PostgreSQL/PostGIS and more) These courses are especially useful when your team will migrate from one environment to another.

Courses can be organized in-house or at our office in Utrecht. The duration, content, number of participants and price will be defined after the initial consultation. After completing the course, you can request follow up support from one of our GIS Specialists.

More information about the possibilities? Or schedule an intake? Please contact us via

Please note that: due to the situation regarding COVID-19 we keep a close eye on developments regarding the coronavirus and follow the guidelines of the RIVM (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu).


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GIS Specialisten bundelt krachten met The People Group
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Binnen de GIS-wereld zien we continu nieuwe ontwikkelingen en binnen GIS Specialisten groeien we daarin mee. Wij geloven sterk in innovatie en co-creatie, daarom hebben we de afgelopen periode niet stilgezeten. Middels dit bericht willen we dan ook kenbaar maken dat GIS Specialisten haar krachten bundelt met The People Group (TPG). GIS Specialisten blijft onveranderd doorgaan, maar dan gaan we onder de vleugels van TPG samen verder.

Wat gaat er veranderen?
Er verandert weinig. De dienstverlening, waaronder detachering en cloud diensten, zullen onveranderd doorgaan. Echter, kunnen wij dankzij deze stap ons dienstenpakket verbreden. Heeft u inhoudelijke vragen? Neem dan contact met ons op via +31 (0)85 7 325 825 of mail naar 

GIS helpt ons navigeren naar de toekomst!


Unsolicited application

We are always looking for new colleagues. Do you enjoy challenging projects, do you have in-depth GIS knowledge and are you able to work independently? Send your resume and motivation to: There are opportunities for secondments as a self-employed person, on a project basis or as a permanent employee.

Our office is centrally located, but our customers are located throughout the Netherlands. Flexibility due to the location of our clients assignments is part of the work.


    Power of GIS
    A GIS (Geographic Information System) is a system for storing, managing, processing and visualising geographical data. This data usually comes from various sources and can be very different in nature. One property has all the data in common: they are linked to a location on earth. This makes it possible to accurately map themes and trends of a specific area in a GIS. This creates relationships and patterns that otherwise can never be discovered. The applications are very diverse: from the determination of the location of facilities to the identification of risk and problem areas. Analysis can be performed on international, national, regional or even at neighbourhood scales. The strength of GIS lies in combining and presenting data on a map, so that you can provide insight into complex information at a glance.

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